I. To promote the diverse interests of women lawyers in Santa Barbara.

A. Strengthen SBWL:

1. Publish membership newsletter and Santa Barbara Lawyer column;
2. Maintain positive working relationship with County Bar Association, Barristers, and law students; and
3. Increase Membership.

B. Develop strategy for promoting highly qualified women to the Bench and increasing the number of women judges.

C. Establish programs for SBWL bimonthly meetings.

D. Develop educational programs

E. Develop mentor program to assist career development of new attorneys and law students.

II. To promote gender equality.

A. Watch developments in legislation and keep members informed.

B. Participate in or lend support to amicus briefs on important issues that fall within the mission of SBWL.

C. Examine the problems of and propose solutions to the internal and external factors which inhibit women in their quest for social and professional equality.

III. To serve the Santa Barbara community as a whole.

A. Develop program to educate and provide role models for young people.

B. Coordinate and maintain liaisons with other women’s organizations.

C. Encourage pro-bono services for women in crisis and/or in need of legal services.

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